See How Crestron’s Whole-Home Automation Combines Elegance and Function!

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With Crestron, you never have to sacrifice design for a high-tech home

When you first consider home automation and all the details you might want to add to your home, you may be afraid to compromise your unique style and distract from your favorite decor. You might even picture a future-esque house, overflowing with unattractive hardware and wiring.  

We understand: It’s hard to imagine that you can fully integrate your home without marring the overall look. You might be surprised to learn that a streamlined integration by an interior-design-focused installation pro ensures that you don’t have to worry about compromising either the beauty or brains of your residence.  

Design and integrated technology are cohesive, complementary fields, not competitors. In fact, Captive Audio is a certified Crestron installer that partners with several Austin, TX, multi-disciplinary designers for their valuable insight. Whether you want your technology to blend in or stand out, we can find a customized design for you. Want to explore some of our exemplary work? Scroll through our projects here! 

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Complement Your Home 

Some people’s concern about an integrated home centers around how its design might look “cold” or “robotic” -- maybe overly modernized, like the Jetson’s outer-space habitat. However, a brief tour of our past projects will show you plenty of contemporary and traditional homes to emulate. You’ll notice that all these homes featured share an impressive commonality -- you can’t detect any tech elements! Design features, architecture and automation devices all coexist beautifully.  

Crestron’s limitless customization options mean that no matter which design conjures up images of “home” for you, there’s a Crestron solution that can help you create it. For example, those interested in motorized shades will love seeing their brilliant color-match technology in action. It can duplicate every shade to a specific Pantone sample. All you have to do is bring in a fabric swatch that’s the ideal complementary color to your wall, or matches an accent color you use, and we’ll work with Crestron to finish the task. 

Blend It In 

When you witness what a device can do without even seeing it, you’re likely to feel completely mesmerized by the effect. Take hidden audio, for example. We work with Leon speakers not only because of their exceptional sound quality; we also love how their small grills and customized fabric options that we can meld into walls and ceilings.  

Some people might even want to disguise their controls and wall clutter. For those clients, we have TRUFIG integrations that work with many of our preferred brands, including Crestron and Lutron, to hide anything from fixtures to wall accessories to electrical outlets.  

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