Achieve Unique Design Goals with Hidden Home Audio


Showcase Your Style and Get All the Tech You Love

Captive Audio always looks for new opportunities to help clients like you enhance their home design with unique elements that capture their sense of style. If you prefer minimalistic and modern aesthetics, you might feel underrepresented by all the showy, architectural speakers and ever-expanding TVs out there, but we have some ideas to help you embrace the clean-lined look.

With hidden home audio and video, you can achieve your design dreams for your Austin, TX space.

As one of the few design-focused technology integration firms in the area, Captive Audio can help you disguise most speakers, display wires, and accessories to get the look you love without compromising sound and picture quality. Keep reading to see some unique installation ideas for audio and video equipment that won’t compete with other elements in the room.


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Automation Controls: Color and Texture Matching

One of the first intuitive steps to blending your technology is matching colors and textures to surrounding spaces, so your technology looks as inconspicuous as possible. You can start with your automation itself. Fortunately, our choice automation program, Crestron, offers a nearly endless variety of their Horizon keypads in various textures, finishes, colors, and button configurations. You can even customize the backlight color!

If you prefer your speakers to look somewhat less noticeable without completely fading, we can find some equipment that emulates your wall’s color and texture. Want a little more of a seamless look? Keep reading.

Hidden Speakers and Displays

If you want your audio equipment to become “heard and not seen” to blend into the rest of your home, we have some ideas. Our partner, Sonance, carries Invisible Series speakers that deliver ambient sound effects that emanate throughout the space with no visual footprint. Similarly, Leon speakers, especially their in-ceiling Axis Series, blends effortlessly into any wall. Take a look at the feature photo to see what they look like in a living room. They’re pretty difficult to spot, right?

Your TVs can also blend into the scenery. We can install a pop-up or pop-down display that you can dismount from the wall, stand, or piece of furniture when you need it — or hide it when it’s no longer in use.

If you work with Captive Audio to design and install your AV equipment, you’ll discover something after your first entertainment experience — films and TV shows feel more immersive when AV components stop stealing the scene.

TRUFIG Flush Mounting

We appreciate TRUFIG for their shared design sense and attention to details. TRUFIG provides flush-mounting solutions that hide wiring, lighting control, audio fixtures, HVAC, and wallplates. In fact, they can further disguise some of the technology we just referenced, or configure any custom mounting project to meet diverse home needs. They can even apply their invisible mounting to electrical outlets and dimmer switches to remove any trace of wall clutter.

Minor Changes for Modern Design

Ready to achieve that sleek aesthetic you’ve always wanted? It starts by transforming your audio and video components into minimalistic masterpieces. Excited to take the next step? Reach out to our audio and video specialists by calling (512) 997-9001 or contacting us via our web form!

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