Can Your Home Make You Healthier?

How Home Health Automation Can Improve Your Sleep, Health, Mood, and More

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Home health automation is about to become one of the most discussed trends in smart home integration. At CES 2019, we saw countless examples of high-tech wellness devices on the show floor, from wearables to robot caregivers.

Here are a few of the more efficient technologies you could add to your Austin, TX, home. Take a look and see which of these inspire you, and then let us know which you’d like to try. We’d love to install the tools that will lead you and your family to greater wellness! 

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Automated Health Care Monitoring

Home health automation has proven to be useful in scoping out certain health risks, a key to preventing new health problems. When you use technology to automate health data, you get real-time findings that you can store, send to your medical provider, and compare to future measurements.

With numbers right at your fingertips, you can potentially eliminate certain doctor visits and get faster results for simple metrics such as your blood pressure, BMI, or pulse. Smart scales, bathroom mirrors, and even digestive health monitors are slowly growing in popularity, and more innovations are on the horizon.

Assistive Technologies

 If you’re taking care of elderly or differently abled people in your home, you know how difficult it can be to stay present and provide help at all times. Home automation tools like voice control allow immobile or chronically-ill people some freedom and easy access.

For example, whether they need to turn on the air conditioning in their room or dim a light, they just have to speak a command, and the voice-control device connects with your home automation to grant their request. You can also install intercoms throughout your home to start two-way communication in every room of your home.

Smart Lighting

Much of our health starts with proper sleep patterns, and circadian rhythm helps us follow our natural wake-sleep cycle, ensuring better sleep and more engaging wakeful hours. Within your home, you can effectively manage both through lighting.

Captive Audio is one of the few Ketra providers in the state, bringing you custom-made, tunable lighting that rises and falls with the sun.

Temperature Control

Ideal body and environmental temperature widely vary across individuals. For example, young and active people might feel much more comfortable at a lower temperature than an older or chronically ill person. And while some of us need maximum air conditioning during the hottest of Texas summers, others freeze as soon as they venture indoors. 

That’s why zoned temperature in your home proves essential. Please everyone with personalized temperature that will allow everyone in your home, including your guests, complete control of the warmth and coolness of their room.

You can set temperature scenes using one of our favorite devices, the Nest thermostat. We can install each Nest smart thermostat based on location within your home, and optimize each space for the amount of sunlight it absorbs. For reference, about 80% of incoming sunlight converts to heat, so we can set a sunny room a few degrees cooler than your home theater so that your body temperature feels consistent as you move through rooms.

Air Quality Screenings

Air quality can get overlooked because proper air quality effects can feel a bit more subtle than lighting or temperature settings. However, studies have shown that indoor air is substantially worse than outdoor air, which poses health threats since 90% of Americans live most of their lives inside. The Awair device tracks five major air quality factors — dust, chemicals, carbon monoxide, relative humidity, and temperature and synchs to your Nest devices for further convenience and control. 

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