3 Reasons to Use Motorized Shades in Your Home

Don’t Miss Out on These Key Benefits


Motorized shades might not be the first products you purchase for your integrated home, but we don’t think your spaces are complete without them. Here at Captive Audio, we often say, “It’s what you can’t see that’s important.” By the time you finish this blog, you’ll understand how that applies specifically to motorized shades.

Though automated window treatments may not look like the flashiest smart home features, they provide many tangible benefits for your Austin, TX, residence. From reinforcing security to cooling your home, motorized shades might be the secret your house can’t afford to miss. It’s time to learn more about their unique benefits.

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Cool Your Home Before Summer Strikes!

Did you know that almost 80 percent of the sunlight that enters your home converts to heat? Motorized shades help cool your home in two ways: by trapping heat outdoors and by minimizing the amount of light the room absorbs through sunlight. When your temperature control doesn’t have to overexert itself, it can manage heat more efficiently.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that nearly half of an average homeowner’s energy costs involve heating and cooling your home. We all know that Texas’ weather extremes can wreak havoc on energy expenditure, and motorized shades help counteract the dangerous heat.

Another energy-saving feature relates to timing. For example, setting your shades to lower during high-heat periods, coupled with their intrinsic heat-shielding abilities, will keep your home more comfortable all spring and summer.

Add a Layer of Security

When you leave for a business trip or vacation, you want to guard your home from invaders or just nosey passersby. Motorized shades can create the illusion that you’re still at home — which we refer to as “mockupancy.”

Your shades and lighting will work together to follow your usual patterns. For example, your lights will glow and shades will raise around 6 pm, or whenever you typically arrive home. Conversely, shades will lower later in the night, when you’d usually go to sleep. With these smart home automation features working together, you can deter potential threats by creating the illusion that you’re home and shutting the blinds during vulnerable hours.

Protect Beautiful Furnishings

You’ve chosen your favorite furnishings with care. The last thing you want is for a ray of sunlight to damage your custom upholstery, or even a beautiful leather jacket you draped over the chair. Strong UV light can also ruin the wood finish of your floors and furniture.

Motorized shades not only help cool your home and save energy; they also protect your possessions from UV bleaching by lowering during high-sun periods. This way, harmful rays can’t enter your home and destroy your finest belongings.

Want to learn more about motorized shades and how they’d enhance your home’s security, save energy, protect your possessions and more? Click here or give us a call at 512-997-9001 to speak with a professional today. We can’t wait to talk to you!