Take the Party Outside with Outdoor Audio and Video!

Enhance Your Pool, Patio, and More with Music and Movies


If you’ve never experienced the joy of your favorite music and movies combined with a gorgeous spring evening in Austin, TX, we think you’re missing out. We’d love to help you create an entertainment-filled outdoor space that your guests and family will want to visit repeatedly during warmer months.

Reimagine how you entertain with outdoor audio video equipment, such as premium, weatherproof TVs, speakers and more. Today, we’re highlighting Séura and Sonance for their outdoor TVs and speakers, respectively. Keep reading for some products that will bring your vision to life!

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We often choose Séura’s weatherproof products for our outdoor TV installations. You can select screens as large as 86 inches to get a full cinematic effect from your pool or patio. And every Séura model offers 4K UHD and HDR technology, so your screen shines in lifelike brightness and color.

Sunlight poses a threat to a screen’s viewability, but you can always see the screen if you choose the right lighting level. You’re in luck: Séura offers a full sun and a shade model depending on your needs.

Want to stick with the same brand for your outdoor video and audio? You can start with their outdoor soundbars, custom-designed to fit each TV model, and later upgrade to their outdoor 2-channel, Bluetooth-enabled audio.


Sonance has created various devices that blend in beautifully with outdoor surroundings, whether you’re striving for hidden technology or equipment that complements your decor.

For example, they create speakers that look just like rocks if you want equipment that hides within the scenery. Additionally, their SONARRAY SR1 system features several speakers and a subwoofer that hides under plants but blankets about 2,000 square feet of space with audio. Your guests probably won’t see this high-end audio equipment, but they’ll experience the music.

If you don’t mind something more conspicuous, Sonance’s award-winning Mariner speakers could suit your outdoor needs perfectly.

Additionally, they meet military-grade standards for resistance to humidity, sun and sea salt, partly because their sealed drivers and front-mounted wire terminals makes them impervious to damage. The Mariner’s Precision FastMount feature not only facilitates our installation process but lets you turn your speaker up to 180 degrees so you can direct the music where you need it to go without uprooting the speaker. As testament to the quality engineering of Sonance speakers, you can turn the party music to full blast with nearly zero distortion.

Don’t Neglect Your Network!

Have you ever tried to stream a movie outside, only to be interrupted just a few minutes in by a lag? That’s a sign that your outdoor Wi-Fi doesn’t work well enough to support the updates we’ve suggested.

You’ll need additional access points outside because Wi-Fi signals struggle to reach through the sturdy walls and glass around houses. We can install wireless access points outdoors to reach the spaces where you need additional coverage.
Set up a wireless network outside that doesn’t compete with all your indoor systems. We can even install wireless access because they don’t require tons of heavy wires or a central control station to obstruct your outdoor aesthetic.

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