Set the Scene for Spring with Outdoor Lighting

See What Captive Audio Can Do to Elevate Outdoor Experiences in Your Home


For those of us in Austin, TX, spring is just around the corner. The weather is slowly warming up as days are finally getting longer. At Captive Audio, we look forward to the end of winter and want to help you celebrate spring and summer outside with your family and friends. Think beyond beautiful interiors: We can help by designing and creating more usable, outdoor living spaces. You can take a look at some of our past projects here.

Let’s explore some possibilities to help you see your Texas home in its finest light and make the most of the warmer seasons ahead. Captive Audio has been featured in industry-leading magazines for both our interior and exterior design, and we can’t wait to show off our skills while elevating the unique beauty of your property.

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Springing Forward with Curb Appeal

If you have a sprawling front porch or unique landscaping, why haven’t you been showing it off to the neighborhood? Maybe you have unique architectural details that people who pass by can only observe during the daylight hours. During your no-obligation consultation, we’d love to highlight some possibilities for accenting your front-facing exteriors and plants.

Pools, Grills and Parties

We’ll also talk about your backyard and patio — the places meant for entertaining guests and family. Spring and summer provide a perfect opportunity to enhance this often-neglected side of your home.

Prepare for outdoor entertainment with pool and patio lighting that leads your guests straight to the heart of the party. Illuminating deck areas not only imbues your outdoor spaces with a festive feel but also keeps guests from slipping on objects they can’t see. Also, we can add effects or colors to your pool or jacuzzi lighting to create a resort space in your yard.

On top of that, you can surprise guests as they pull into your driveway with pathway lighting that senses their presence. Well-lit exteriors will give guests a warm welcome and help them feel safe approaching your home.

Intuitive, Energy-Savvy Controls

Homeworks QS uses a central control system to control both indoor and outdoor lighting, so you don’t have to wander outside to see if the lights are on and bright enough. Once installed, we’ll work with you to understand your needs and set your lighting schedules up so that the lights always react appropriately to their surroundings.

For example, you never have to worry about wasted energy due to the lengthening sunlight periods. Intuitive lighting like Homeworks QS can provide an astronomical time clock that always knows when it’s sunrise and sunset; your landscape lights tune into the natural level of surrounding brightness and dim when the sun’s shining. Accordingly, you won’t drain any money into unutilized lighting whether you’re “falling back” or “springing forward” for Daylight Savings.

Endless Entertainment

If you want to add video display equipment, such as a TV or projector, to your outdoor setup, we have you covered. We can program dimmer switches and necessary side lighting to your favorite poolside thrillers and comedies. When we install your various controls, we separate them into zones, allowing you to dim the distracting lighting around your TV but keep your other exterior lighting at your preferred brightness level.

Want to learn more about outdoor lighting? Captive Audio has over 20 years of experience in exterior installations and can’t wait to give your home the outdoor oasis you deserve this spring and summer. Click here or give us a call at 512-997-9001 to speak with a professional today.