Soak up the Summer Sun with These Backyard Upgrades

Transform Your Backyard With Outdoor Audio Video


Summer is finally here. After a seemingly endless winter and a brief, rainy spring, the sun is shining and it’s time to get to know your backyard again.

But this year, there’s plenty of ways you can upgrade your Austin space to make this season unforgettable.

In this blog, we’ll give you some great tips on how to transform your backyard with outdoor audio video for even more fun. You can learn more after the jump.

Outdoor Audio

Love music? If you do, there’s a good chance you’ve invested in some epic, high-end sound equipment for your indoor spaces.

But why would you want to miss out on those tunes when you’re spending time on the deck or by the pool? You don’t have to when you install a high-end outdoor audio system.

Outdoor audio systems feature components that are often designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape. From discreet bullet speakers that hide among the foliage to underground subwoofers that offer a deep-note kick without being seen.

The best part? Your outdoor speakers can connect to your indoor system, so you can access the same collection or stream thousands of songs from online services with the same control device.

4K Video Content 

As the summer nights continue to get longer, you may want to plan a movie screening under the stars. And while an old bedsheet slung over a drying wire may seem like the “in” thing right now, you’ll probably get more out of advanced 4K Ultra HD images and an ultra-bright display.

An outdoor home theater setup isn’t complete without excellent video, and there are plenty of options available for your system.

For instance, you can easily set up a rear-projection screen in the backyard or by the pool, to offer images bright enough to contend with ambient light around the space.

Or, you could install a 4K flat-panel on the deck and watch every inning your favorite MLB team plays this year in resolution that makes you feel like you’re at the ballpark.

Outdoor Lighting

One aspect of outdoor AV that often gets overlooked is lighting. While it may not seem essential to your enjoyment of your favorite movies and music, it can play a huge part in it.

For instance, if your system is always on, the ambient light from your fixtures can quickly ruin a movie by washing out the images.

Zone controls will help you dim lights immediately surrounding your system while still enjoying visibility in other areas of your yard. It’s the perfect compromise, and you can control it all with the touch of a button.

Want to learn more? We can help! Captive Audio has over 20 years of experience in outdoor audio video installation. Click here or give us a call at 512-997-9001 to speak with a professional about your outdoor audio video projects.