2019 Living Room Design Trends + Whole Home Audio

These Modern Design Concepts Cleverly Disguise Speaker Systems 


Designers have started raving about the design trends coming next year. Homeowners with smart homes might worry that they must sacrifice the whole-home technology they love to embrace these new design trends. 

With the help of a smart home integrator that understands design, you won’t have to compromise: you’ll get to enjoy both beautiful room and the whole-home audio you crave. Let’s take a look at the design trends you’ll see next year and how you can incorporate an immersive audio experience.  

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The Basics of Blending In

We believe high-performance sound should blend as seamlessly as possible with your home decor, and this starts with inconspicuous speakers.

We implement Leon speakers to offer top-notch, whole home audio that blends seamlessly into their surroundings. Their most popular solutions are in-wall and in-ceiling models that come with small grills and a variety of colors and finishes.  

Dual-purpose Decor

Another trick? No matter your style, you can also camouflage speakers within your decor itself. For example, you can hide speakers behind paintings, within bookshelves and even under rugs. Let’s explore some of the ways you can use your everyday furnishings to your advantage! If you’re inspired by what you see, call Captive Audio to get professional help with the installation.

Geometric Art

Large homes bring the challenge of filling immense wall spaces. For a brilliant display that can also disguise speakers, consider geometric wall hangings, especially series art that will readily cover a vast opening. Replacing the bohemian style trend that has been around for years, simple shapes add interest and dimension to otherwise dull, massive walls.  

Outdoorsy Vibes

We don’t have to look far to see outdoorsy scenes making a comeback -- sage green and natural wood are taking over the color palettes next year. Landscape artwork and plants can contribute to the scenery. Speakers that blend into landscapes, and emulate plants and rocks, make excellent additions to a nature-based space. Of course, you can also use them in your outdoor decorating and audio.

Minimalism and Matte Black

Matte black walls will make a comeback next year. Even if you don’t plan to cover your speakers completely, matte black decor and walls guarantee they will at least blend in. Dark walls look great in moody living room spaces with minimalistic decor. If you’re not willing to paint it black, start with a crisp, modern rug in this shade, which can function as a cover for in-floor speakers.

 A More Beautiful New Year

You can modernize your living spaces with whole home audio without compromising your design look. Take cues from these design trends and merge impeccable sound with design. Ready to get started on an Austin-area home that looks and sounds optimized for 2019? Call Captive Audio at 512-997-9001 or fill out our online form.