Home Automation Gifts Your Family and Friends Will Love

Here Are Some Gift Ideas From Your Smart Home Company  


With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas decorations out in every store, it’s time to start planning what to get your loved ones for the holidays. As your smart home company in Austin, TX, we’d like to make some suggestions based on tech items we love this year.  

We’ll break it down by a few different types of people you’ll definitely be buying for, and what they’d like to see under the tree this season.

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The Movie Lover

When it comes to an immersive movie experience, few tools work as effectively as a projector — especially if it can project any video content in 4K. We recommend this Sony VPL-VW350ES for its 3LCD technology, which means no rainbow effect or white splotches. This model also balances color brightness and adapts to any ambiance lighting in the room — perfect for balancing out your automated lighting.  

The Audiophile

Everyone who loves music should experience a listening room. With acoustic panels that resonate with the sound within the room and sound proofing to shut outside noise out, the audio experience takes you straight from your home to the concert.  

The Sports Fan

Typically, large, impressive televisions score big with the sports fans in your life. The Samsung Q9FN gets high ratings for its impressive lighting and display panel: The brighter, more colorful LED screen combines with 4K mastery to create a television that many agree to be 2018’s best. 

Outdoors Entertainer

For those people who like to fire up the grill and entertain outside, what better way than outdoor music and lighting? For the best ambiance by the pool or grill, splurge on high-end speakers or sign them up for a landscape lighting consultation with Captive Lighting. Look at some of our outdoor lighting projects here!

The Reader

If you have an avid reader in your inner circle, they’d agree that reading with anything other than the perfect light causes eyestrain and headaches. Tunable lighting can be adjusted for the time of day when they enjoy reading. Bedtime readers will benefit from tuning their lights slighting warmer, so that they will easily doze off after a couple chapters. Focused reading or academic studies will fare better with cooler lights because blue light stimulates the “wake up” sensors in your brain.  

Don’t forget to treat yourself to quality lighting and audio this season, too. Get ready for guests with our premiere audio/visual and lighting offerings. Call us at 512-997-9001 or fill out an online contact form to get started.