What Should You Look for In High-End Speakers?

Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Quality from Your Favorite Recordings


A great speaker can completely transform your home entertainment. It helps you disappear into your favorite movies, recreate iconic concerts, and even makes it easier to catch up on the nightly news. Even though speakers play an important role, many clients still settle for the first model they find. But the right high-end speakers can be the difference between a headache from poor sound and crisp audio that helps you escape after a long day. 

Of course, the big challenge is in figuring out exactly what the “right” high-end speaker is for your Austin, TX home. That’s because there’s no one answer. It comes down to how you want to use your speakers and even how you want them to look. In this blog, we offer some tips on the things you should consider when upgrading your home audio. 


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The first question you should always ask is why you want high-end speakers in the first place. Is it to listen to background music while doing chores around the house? Do you want better sound when hosting friends? Or are you looking to upgrade your television audio?  

This will directly affect the type of speaker you want to use. For audiophiles, floor standing stereo speakers are a must. For movie lovers, a soundbar or surround sound speakers with a dedicated center channel and subwoofer are the optimal option. If background music is more your style, then smaller bookshelf speakers might be enough to do the trick.



What if you want to do all of the above? Are you already dreading having all those different speakers getting in the way of your interior décor? When it comes to high-performance sound, we think it should be so good you don’t have to see it to believe it.  

We work with Leon speakers to offer a high-quality sound system that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Their most popular solutions are in-wall and in-ceiling models that come with small grills and a variety of colors and finishes to mesh perfectly with the surroundings.  

Leon also offers ideal home theater options with speakers they design to match the length and width of your television display. The two components go within one media cabinet for a streamlined installation. 


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Once you know what you want your speakers to do and how you want them to look, it’s time to figure out which are the highest quality options.  

One thing to consider is sensitivity. This has to do with how much power you need to get higher volumes out of your speakers. You’ll want speakers with a high-frequency range, which means that no matter how low or high the frequency of the sound, you won’t get distorted audio.  

One final thing to consider is coloration. In layman's terms, it means how much the speaker ‘colors' the sound. You want low coloration to reproduce audio just as it was recorded without the additional noise that might be produced by the speaker cabinet or components.  



The one caveat when purchasing high-end speakers is they can’t do the job all on their own. Imagine your speakers are pipes that help sound travel to every room of your home. No matter how good the pipes, if they carry dirty water that’s what’s going to come out of the faucet.  

So how can you make sure your speakers are getting the cleanest sound possible? Invest in high-quality sources, AV receivers, and amplifiers that work just as hard as your speakers do to produce deep, clear, powerful audio.  

Ultimately, the best way to know if a set of speakers is the right fit for you is to try it yourself. Everyone has different preferences in what they like to hear and how they think it should sound. Before buying any speakers, you should test drive them yourself with the content you want.


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