Brighten Your Home Post-Daylight Savings with Landscape Lighting

This year on Nov. 3, we’ll all turn our clocks back one hour, bringing us back to the long nights of winter. The loss of daylight can take a toll; suddenly, as we step out of work in the evening, the sky is already turning black. 

But there’s a smart way to brighten your home all season long. If you don’t already have a smart landscape lighting system in your Austin, TX house, why not start this fall? Taking inspiration from the manufacturer Coastal Source, you can use landscape lighting to enhance your house’s architectural charm. And by combining your lighting fixtures with a smart control system, you can use your lights for safety and security, too. How? Continue reading to find out!   

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5 Fresh Media Room Design Ideas to Enhance Your Entertainment

When you’re planning out your media room, you’re faced with nearly endless choices. Audiophiles might dream of an entertainment oasis drenched in high-definition sound, while gamers want as many screens as necessary to plan a game night for themselves and their best friends. Whatever ideal you conjure up when you picture the perfect media room, Captive Audio has ideas to help you achieve it.

The ideal media room design should live up to your lifestyle. After all, you’re creating a space optimized for your entertainment that you’ll enjoy for years to come! Keep reading to visualize several distinct possibilities you can explore within this one room of your Austin, TX, home.

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See How Crestron’s Whole-Home Automation Combines Elegance and Function!

You might be surprised to learn that a streamlined integration by an interior-design-focused installation pro ensures that you don’t have to worry about compromising either the beauty or brains of your residence.  

Design and integrated technology are cohesive, complementary fields, not competitors. In fact, Captive Audio is a certified Crestron installer that partners with several Austin, TX, multi-disciplinary designers for their valuable insight. Whether you want your technology to blend in or stand out, we can find a customized design for you. Want to explore some of our exemplary work? Scroll through our projects here! 

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Achieve Unique Design Goals with Hidden Home Audio

Captive Audio always looks for new opportunities to help clients like you enhance their home design with unique elements that capture their sense of style. If you prefer minimalistic and modern aesthetics, you might feel underrepresented by all the showy, architectural speakers and ever-expanding TVs out there, but we have some ideas to help you embrace the clean-lined look.

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3 Reasons to Use Motorized Shades in Your Home

Motorized shades might not be the first products you purchase for your integrated home, but we don’t think your spaces are complete without them. Here at Captive Audio, we often say, “It’s what you can’t see that’s important.” By the time you finish this blog, you’ll understand how that applies specifically to motorized shades.

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What Should You Look for In High-End Speakers?

A great speaker can completely transform your home entertainment. It helps you disappear into your favorite movies, recreate iconic concerts, and even makes it easier to catch up on the nightly news. Even though speakers play an important role, many clients still settle for the first model they find. But the right high-end speakers can be the difference between a headache from poor sound and crisp audio that helps you escape after a long day.

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